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10 Ten To Do List For New Businesses

When you start a new business, your head explodes with ideas and you get so excited to start it up. I remember when I started, I was thrilled to get it started. I wanted to take out loans and just pour money in to get it up and running as fast as possible.

There are 10 extremely important steps to take that precede all others

  1. Select a Business Structure - LLC vs Corporation

  2. Selecting a Business Address - Virtual address

  3. Select a Registered Agent - use a registered agent service, not yourself

  4. File State forms for your Business Formation

  5. Hire Counsel for an Operating Agreement, Bylaws, and Stock/Ownership Certificates - do not miss this step, this one step separates your business from you.

  6. File for IRS EIN

  7. File for state sales permits and other business licenses

  8. Apply and Obtain Business Bank Account

  9. Hold First Official Corporate Meeting/ Record Minutes

  10. Establish Sales Softwares for Everyday Business Use & Accounting Software

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