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[S1E7] Lost Ones

An officer drives Johnny Stokes and Detective Bosch back to the police station, where Bosch entrusts Stokes to Officer Pierce's supervision before ordering Stokes to remain silent. Bosch instructs Pierce not to let anyone see Stokes and then washes his face before returning to interview Stokes, who apologizes for running. Stokes insists that he didn't shoot Officer Brasher, and Bosch agrees, claiming he is therefore the only one willing to help Stokes. Bosch produces the photograph of Stokes, Arthur, and their skateboarding friends, but Stokes claims not to remember the kids, having lost touch with them after spending a year at Sylmar Juvenile Hall in 1995.

[S1E7] Lost Ones

Bosch phones the police for assistance locating Waits's cellular signal and learns that the phone was traced to Glendale Boulevard, between Fletcher Drive and Waterloo Street in Silverlake District. Bosch rushes to the location to find the phone and no trace of Waits.

Bosch and Edgar visit McClaren Youth Hall, where Bosch spent time as a child after his mother's murder, and Bosch explains that "the trunk is a room where they punish kids" at the orphanage. He realizes that Waits's comment about coming "from the same kennel" indicates that Waits also spent time at McClaren. he detectives agree to subpoena records for the Hall's residents from the 1970s to the 1990s, which they learn consists of thousands of hardcopy records in dozens of boxes, and Bosch phones Irving to request a police van and extra men.

Only Murders In the Building Season 1 Episode 7 is, by far and away, the best episode of an already very strong season. It might be one of my favorite episodes of any show I've ever watched, honestly.

Maybe he was hoping to incriminate Teddy and Theo with it, but instead, he got the faux engagement ring and lost his nerve. Perhaps Oscar will be the one to piece it together that Zoe pinched the ring from Teddy's apartment all those years ago.

The State DinnerPREVIOUSLY ON THE WEST WINGspoken by C.J.SeasonEpisode17InfoOriginal AirdateNovember 10, 1999Written ByAaron Sorkin andPaul RedfordDirected byThomas SchlammeEpisodesPreviousNext"Mr. Willis of Ohio""Enemies"OSCAR NOMINEE STOCKARD CHANNING GUEST-STARS -- As that night's stylish state dinner honoring the Indonesian president looms in the background, President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) keeps his eye on a spate of potentially explosive problems: an FBI hostage standoff with dozens of militant survivalists, a Class-4 hurricane bearing down on a carrier group at sea and an impending national trucker's strike. Behind the scenes, the gracious First Lady (Oscar nominee Stockard Channing) prepares to host the dinner, a pushy reporter (guest star Timothy Busfield) flirts with C.J. (Allison Janney), Josh (Bradley Whitford) and Toby (Richard Schiff) corner an Indonesian government official to ask a favor, and a surprised Sam (Rob Lowe) spies his call girl friend Laurie (guest star Lisa Edelstein) at the event.

C.J. is holding the informal press gaggle where she is being fashions that will be sported by Mrs. Bartlet and the Indonesian President's wife. When she leaves, Josh informs her of a strengthening hurricane that will strike Georgia and the Carolinas. Sam then adds on that the Teamsters are voting to strike. This is followed by Toby, who informs her of a hostage crisis in Idaho.

Josh asks Donna to find a translator so he and Toby can speak with one of the Indonesian representatives who will be attending the State Dinner. Donna tries to impress upon Josh that she is not happy with the Indonesians because they, among other things, "summararily execute people they suspect of being sorcerers." At the Senior Staff Meeting, the group discusses the upcoming Teamsters meeting, the hurricane, and the hostage crisis. Mandy tries to get involved in the drafting of the evening's toast - to which Josh objects, but Leo allows.

Next, President Bartlet and the President of Indonesia are standing for photos from the White House Press Corps, while the two Presidents try to engage in small talk (spurred by Bartlet), though the President of Indonesia is not interested.

President Bartlet and the Indonesian President continue their appearances before the White House Press Corps, taking questions, in which the Indonesian President continues to be disengaged in responding to the questions. Danny asks President Bartlet about the protestors that are outside the White House, which C.J. hears as vermeil, and cuts Danny off, saying she will cover it at the briefing. Danny follows C.J. out of the room where he teases her that she doesn't know what the protests are about.

As the next group of press is brought in, Leo asks President Bartlet to step outside of the room for a moment. Leo informs the President they are moving a battle carrier group out to sea from Norfolk to avoid the hurricane. Meanwhile, Toby and Sam continue to work on President Bartlet's toast for the evening. Toby wants to be hardlined on the toast, calling the Indonesians out on political opression but Sam impresses upon Toby that would be impolite.

Josh and Mandy have a "walk and talk conversation" and then meet up with Sam, and Josh and Sam have a brief conversation about the toast. Toby finds Josh and they meet with the State Department translator who is to help them with the Indonesian representative. However, Mr. Minaldi (the State Dept. translator) speaks Javanese, and Mr. Bambang (the Indonesian representative) speaks Batak. Donna appears to say that she is aware of this problem but has found a dishwasher in the White House kitchen that speaks Batak. Mr. Minaldi speaks Portuguese and so does the dishwasher. So Josh and Toby will be able to converse with Mr. Bambang via English-Portuguese-Batak-Portuguese-English.

Josh and Toby begin their negotiations with Bambang in the White House kitchen. After a few minutes of intricate translations - Mr. Bambang replies, "Why don't we just speak in English?" Josh questions a sheepish Donna and she leaves along with the two translators - and Josh and Toby discuss a French poltical prisoner in Indonesia with Mr. Bambang. Mr. Bambang is in no mood to discuss the release of the prisoner, partly in response to Toby's toast, which embarassed the Indonesian President.

Suddenly, LaMarr's badge accrues hundreds of thousands of downvotes, quickly surpassing 500,000. Lysella panics and orders them to leave immediately. The team leaves the shop to a throng of Sarguns recording them with their phones. Police from the Department of Corrections arrest LaMarr.

Mercer consults Lysella and devises a plan to manipulate the Master Feed to sway public opinion. Isaac easily hacks into the Feed and floods it with false information and doctored images, such as claiming that LaMarr supports his elderly grandmother, that he was an overweight child, and that he is a returning soldier with a pet. The plan works and LaMarr escapes treatment being taken back to space. "Thank you for letting me see all of this," Lysella tells Mercer. "I just wish I could tell somebody." Mercer capstones the scene, replying, "Well, maybe all you need to tell them is that their world can do better."

Specifically, MacFarlane has cited the case of Justine Sacco in reference to writing the episode, a South African woman whose tweets intending to parody a racist American were taken as serious by Gawker and other media sources.[9] A public online shaming campaign ignored her explanation and resulted in enormous worldwide backlash, and she lost her job. A Gawker blogger later apologized, admitting he stoked public ire to generate ad revenue.[10]

They both briefly mourn their lost lovers -- Ser Harwin and Lady Laena -- and Rhaenyra beats herself up for letting Ser Harwin return to the Riverlands. Daemon implies that Queen Alicent could have orchestrated his murder. Rhaenyra correctly replies that Queen Alicent isn't capable of cold murder.

Aemond's skin will heal, but his eye is lost. In a scene reminiscent of King Robert trying to get the truth of what happened when Joffrey Baratheon was cut under the eye by Arya Stark, King Viserys holds court in an attempt to figure out how the princes came to blows.

Laenor says they made an agreement to do their duty to the realm so that they can get on having fun with whomever they want. He says that time is past: He now recommits himself to Princess Rhaenyra. Ser Qarl, his lover, is going to fight in the Stepstones soon, and after that Laenor is all hers.

Next we see Daemon in a black cloak, the same black cloak he killed his Lady Royce in. His killing cloak! Only he isn't killing this time; he's bribing. He finds Ser Qarl, about to depart to fight in the Stepstones, and offers him gold in exchange for the public death of Ser Laenor.

We always knew House of the Dragon would build to a Targaryen civil war. If House of the Dragon has been criticized for anything, it's taking its time in getting there. There's been lots of talking, but not much in the way of action thus far. But now the Targaryen Cold War has essentially turned hot. Rhaenyra's blood has been spilled, and Prince Aemond has lost an eye. The tensions that've been building have officially erupted.

R2-D2 manages to transmit the location of Grievous' listening post on a Ruusan moon, which the Twilight picks up. Though advised by Obi-Wan Kenobi to wait for reinforcements, Anakin Skywalker heads a rescue mission to save Artoo before his secrets fall into Separatist hands, as well as plant a bomb. Gha Nachkt accesses Artoo's memory bank and finds that the little droid contains every Republic strategy. He demands more money but Grievous decides to give it to him by stabbing him in his back with his lightsaber. When the team arrives at the station, Anakin separates from Ahsoka Tano and the clones, heading out alone to find Artoo. Unbeknownst to them, R3-S6 is actually a spy for the Separatists, and alerts General Grievous to their presence. Tano and the clones infiltrated the reactor control room, but they had to confront and eliminate the security battle droids. After that, Grievous orders his IG-100 MagnaGuards to take Artoo to the ship. 041b061a72

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