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The Self-Love Superpower

This raw and relatable guide to radical self-care and self-love empowers listeners to embrace the powerful Diosa within. In this fiercely inspiring book from a fresh new voice in the women's empowerment space, psychotherapist Christine Gutierrez welcomes women to join her in healing the wounds from past hurt or trauma to reclaim their worth and come back home to their true self and soul.

The Self-Love Superpower


The first step to self-love is to forgive ourselves for our past failures, judgements and mistakes, and to leave the past behind. After all, if you had known better, you would have done better. It takes courage to let go and to open ourselves up to receive self-love.

The most important law of the Universe is love and that love starts within you and for you. It is at the very core of your being. You were destined to be that way, a magnificent miracle; worthy of love and that love starts with self-love.

Nurture and nourish yourself with good food, exercise, treat yourself to time out, days off, massages, a walk in nature, listening to music or maybe reading a book: whatever it is that makes you feel that you are taking care of your own needs. Allow yourself permission to feel good, to feel proud of who you are, to love the body that you are in; self-love is your superpower, and you can use this power to bring about such incredible transformation in your relationships, your health, your finances and your career.

A Tedx Talk by Gala Darling titled Radical Self Love shows what is at stake in loving yourself, especially for women. Darling vividly describes the superpowers of self-love that can conquer depression and hopelessness.

We had the pleasure to speak to Linda for our newest blog series #HEROES. Here she reveals her superpower, where she gets inspired for her amazing styles and what styling tips she has for other parents.

If you consider the metaphysical relationship of armor, it is thick, strong, rigid and impenetrable. While it protects and defends us from getting hurt, it prevents us from truly healing because the armor stops us taking risks and leaning into life with an open and courageous heart. Therefore, self-love is the superpower we need to heal our life and transform our wounds. Self-love is the essence of who we are. Love is the spirit of our core nature as human beings. 041b061a72

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