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Christmas Jars (2019)

Christmas Jars is a Canadian television film, directed by Jonathan Wright and released in 2019.[1] Based on the 2005 novel by Jason F. Wright, the film stars Jeni Ross as Hope Jensen, a journalist investigating a phenomenon of jars of money being anonymously left on the doorsteps of needy families as Christmas gifts.[2]

Christmas Jars (2019)


Based on the beloved novel by Jason F. Wright, CHRISTMAS JARS shares the story of Hope Jensen, a reporter who uncovers the remarkable secret behind a holiday phenomenon: money-filled glass jars anonymously given to people in need. The New York Times bestseller has created a new holiday tradition that has changed the lives of people all over the country. CHRISTMAS JARS is a one-night movie event that provides hope to all as we enter this special season. CHRISTMAS JARS is a heartfelt reminder that kindness truly is contagious.

Hope (Jeni Ross) has just lost her adoptive mother to illness and finds herself scared and alone in the world when an anonymous person leaves a CHRISTMAS JAR full of money outside her apartment door. Inspired by the kind act, she discovers other people online who have received similar anonymous jars at difficult times in their lives. She pitches a story to her editor, looking for a break to make the career switch from newsroom assistant to writer. In her reporting, she discovers the identity of the family who started the jar-giving movement and works her way into their lives under the pretense of being a college student writing a paper about their furniture restoration business. But when Hope finds in this family a new home as well as a possible love interest, she's torn between publishing the story and furthering her career or telling them the truth about who she is.

What began as a simple family activity has grown into a nation-wide phenomenon. Jason Wright and his wife, Kodi, were looking to start a new Christmas tradition with their children. In an effort to keep the joy of selfless giving in their home year-round, the Christmas Jar tradition was born. The novel debuted a year later in 2005 and was wildly popular. More novels followed; so did The Christmas Jars Foundation. One of its primary goals was to get the message (and free books and jars) out to public schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations.

While the story is short on conflict, the comedy is forced and the acting is uneven, I will say that Jennifer Gibson, who plays a battered woman down on her luck, does an amazing job when she is on the screen. She brings some realism to this idealistic story. I also appreciate the overall generosity theme of the story that is sure to inspire many families who watch it and since the movie is coming to theaters early in the holiday season, families will have plenty of time to make their own Christmas jars to keep this movement going.

When Hope receives a CHRISTMAS JAR full of money she decides to find out who left the jar and why. In her search she finds many recipients who also received jars when they were down on their luck. The jars were always left anonymously. Hope does uncover the family behind the Christmas Jars and in doing so a mystery from her own past is solved.

Great project Michelle! Have never seen those milk bottles around here, but other bottles or jars would work too I guess. Thanks for all these great ideas! Also, I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger award -blogger-award-7Have a great evening! 041b061a72

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