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Prototype 2 Texture Mod

The mod is a retexture quite complete of all the three zones (Red, Green and Yellow) of the game.I've simply done them with TexMod and texture size are 2K but for small objects I used a smaller size because it's enough good. I've also included my personal version of Alex Mercer in 2K.

Prototype 2 Texture Mod

Going into more details, this texture pack features new textures for roads,papers on the ground and rubbish, Graffiti, roofs and ground. It also packs new textures for virus and Heller arms, cars that are damaged or burned, car components and the military base wall and props. Additionally, this HD Texture Pack has new textures for street objects and props, walls, advertising boards and sky.

In order to showcase these new textures, Gennaro has shared the following screenshots. The modder has also released a comparison video between the original and the modded versions. However, and due to major visual artifacts, the video does not highlight or showcase any of the graphical improvements.

First, load Prototype 2. Then, open Task Manager, click the "Processes" tab, and if there is a button (not a checkbox) at the bottom of the window, click it to open Task Manager as an administrator. Next, right click on the "prototype2.exe" entry in the list, and choose Set Affinity. Uncheck all the boxes except for the one that corresponds to the first CPU core on your system.

This doesn't work. The instructions are confusing as shit and the texture packs wont load in. You talk about how if you have an 8 core processor then you need to follow step 3. In step 3 you then proceed to go off topic explaining that if you don't have Prototype installed in the default location, then you need to change the "Target" and "Start In" destination paths. Nigga, I have my game installed in the default location so what am I supposed to do? I click on "Prototype (more that 8 Cores)", which isn't even grammatically correct btw, load in the texture packs and hit "Run" but they don't show up. Even just using the default Texmod.exe doesn't work either. Please help.

I went and check if I wrote something wrong in the code for "prototype (more that 8 cores)" and i even moved my game to the default location of steam and it everything was working perfectly fine ... maybe the instructions were to hard to understand. so i re-wrote some of the instructions for better understanding. And in the instructions it was clarified that U needed to move the texmod folder to the prototype folder, not the files inside of texmod to the prototype folder (because if not placed correctly it breaks the texmod)

Mate, what you have to do is have both downloaded files in the same folder. Extract the first file and it extracts the second part automatically. No need to extract the second file manually. Then you put the texmod folder in the prototype game folder. Not just the files, the entire folder.

There 2 files because i cant upload an file bigger that 250mb to the page... You need to extract them both at the same time, if u do it separately it wont work. And also, in the last patch I change it soo that u need to put all the files inside texmod in the main prototype folder. (Not the folder itself)

Exacly, altho in the last patch i changed it so the files no longer go on texmod folder, instead they now go in the main prototype folder. In ur case u dont need to make this change since u have the other version and apart of changing the location, it doesnt change anything else

The prototype ROM was dumped on September 6th, 2018.[1] The second level has corrupted textures, either due to an error in the dumping process or physical damage to the arcade board. These anomalies were fixed in a fan patch.

While the briefing in the prototype is largely identical, the text had less color, as well as an explicit address to agents. Furthermore, the "MISSION:" part of the message poked through the top border.

If you're intrigued by that statement, you can read more about why this industry isn't winning any awards for preservation here. In the meantime, feast your eyeballs on the stunning results of the "4K2K Allaga Graphics Mod" for Grand Theft Auto IV. On occasion, the high-quality texture mods for environments in video games turn up the realism far too much, and you get something that looks exceptionally crunchy. I won't pretend to know how this happens, yet fortunately, these graphical upgrades for the buildings and population of Liberty City are absolutely brilliant. The quality has been increased while maintaining the tones and the details of the original textures and there are incredible yet moderate reflections on the windows and panels of cars that don't give you a migraine after a few seconds. In short, the world looks like you've finally found your prescription specs after scraping along for as long as you could.

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