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[S2E12] You've Got Male

A young woman out horseback riding discovers the body of a woman in a culvert at a construction site. According to Brass, the body was found over two hours after the construction crew left for the day. Sara soon alerts Grissom to a second dead body nearby, also female.

[S2E12] You've Got Male

Inside, Grissom and Sara see that Donna's refrigerator is littered with take-out menus, while its contents are comprised mostly of take-out containers. They determine that the larger, family-size containers are the freshest, meaning Donna may have had company recently. When combined with mail-order catalogues in the office, Grissom wonders if their victim was either agoraphobic or just reclusive. Sara soon discovers that the toilet seat is up, meaning Donna had a guest of the male persuasion.

(They plug the power cable into the Tardis console.Jackie follows them in and closes the door. Neat trick with such athick cable running through it.) DOCTOR: As soon as the cones activate, if that line goes into the red,press that button there. If it doesn't stop (He hands her the sonic screwdriver.) DOCTOR: Setting fifteen B. Hold it against the port, eight seconds andstop. ROSE: Fifteen B, eight seconds. DOCTOR: If it goes into the blue, activate the deep scan on the left. ROSE: Hang on a minute, I know. Push that one. DOCTOR: Close. ROSE: That one? DOCTOR: Now you've just killed us. ROSE: Er, that one. DOCTOR: Yeah! Now, what've we got. Two minutes to go?

(The Doctor steps outside and raises his arms.Yvonne runs in on her high heels.) YVONNE: Oh! Oh, how marvellous. Oh, very good. Superb. Happy day. (She starts clapping and the soldiers join in. The Doctor lowers hisarms.) DOCTOR: Er, thanks. Nice to meet you. I'm the Doctor. YVONNE: Oh, I should say. Hurray! DOCTOR: You, you've heard of me, then? YVONNE: Well of course we have. And I have to say, if it wasn't foryou, none of us would be here. The Doctor and the Tardis. (More applause.) DOCTOR: And you are? YVONNE: Oh, plenty of time for that. But according to the records,you're not one for travelling alone. The Doctor and his companion.That's a pattern, isn't it, right? There's no point hiding anything.Not from us. So where is she? DOCTOR: Yes. Sorry. Good point. She's just a bit shy, that's all. (The Doctor reaches in through the slightly open door and grabs thefirst person he can.) DOCTOR: But here she is, Rose Tyler. (Oh no it isn't.) DOCTOR: Hmm. She's not the best I've ever had. Bit too blonde. Not toosteady on her pins. A lot of that. (Yakkety yak.) DOCTOR: And just last week, she stared into the heart of the TimeVortex and aged fifty seven years. But she'll do. JACKIE: I'm forty. DOCTOR: Deluded. Bless. I'll have to trade her in. Do you need anyone?She's very good at tea. Well, I say very good, I mean not bad. Well, Isay not bad. Anyway, lead on. Allons-y. But not too fast. Her ankle'sgoing. JACKIE: (sotto) I'll show you where my ankle's going.

YVONNE: It was only a matter of time until youfound us, and at last you've made it. I'd like to welcome you, Doctor.Welcome to Torchwood. (A massive warehouse area, with lots of crates, jeeps and trucksrunning around, and a flying saucer.) DOCTOR: That's a Jathar Sunglider. YVONNE: Came down to Earth off the Shetland Islands ten years ago. DOCTOR: What, did it crash? YVONNE: No, we shot it down. It violated our airspace. Then we strippedit bare. The weapon that destroyed the Sycorax on Christmas Day? Thatwas us. Now, if you'd like to come with me. The Torchwood Institute hasa motto. If it's alien, it's ours. Anything that comes from the sky, westrip it down and we use it for the good of the British Empire. JACKIE: For the good of the what? YVONNE: The British Empire. JACKIE: There isn't a British Empire. YVONNE: Not yet. Ah, excuse me. Now, if you wouldn't mind. (A soldier hands Yvonne a very big gun.) YVONNE: Do you recognise this, Doctor? DOCTOR: That's a particle gun. YVONNE: Good, isn't it? Took us eight years to get it to work . DOCTOR: It's the 21st century. You can't have particle guns. YVONNE: We must defend our border against the alien. Thank you,Sebastian, isn't it? SEBASTIAN: Yes, Ma'am. YVONNE: Thank you, Sebastian. I think it's very important to knoweveryone by name. Torchwood is a very modern organisation. Peopleskills. That's what it's all about these days. I'm a people person. DOCTOR: Have you got anyone called Alonso? YVONNE: No, I don't think so. Is that important? DOCTOR: No, I suppose not. What was your name? YVONNE: Yvonne. Yvonne Hartman. (The Doctor picks up a black plastic step-stool with a handle on top.) YVONNE: Ah, yes. Now, we're rather fond of these. The Magnaclamp. Foundin a spaceship buried at the base of Mount Snowdon. Attach this to anobject and it cancels the mass. I could use it to lift two tonnes ofweight with a single hand. That's an imperial ton, by the way.Torchwood refuses to go metric. JACKIE: I could do with that to carry the shopping. YVONNE: All these devices are for Torchwood's benefit, not the generalpublic's. DOCTOR: So, what about these ghosts? YVONNE: Ah yes, the ghosts. They're er what you might call a sideeffect. DOCTOR: Of what? YVONNE: All in good time, Doctor. There is an itinerary, trust me. (The TARDIS is driven past on the back of a truck.) JACKIE: Oi! Where are you taking that? YVONNE: If it's alien, it's ours. DOCTOR: You'll never get inside it. YVONNE: Hmm! Et cetera. (Rose peeks out of the Tardis. The Doctor gives her a little nod.)

DOCTOR: Cancel it. YVONNE: I don't think so. DOCTOR: I'm warning you, cancel it. YVONNE: Oh, exactly as the legends would have it. The Doctor, lordingit over us. Assuming alien authority over the Rights of Man. DOCTOR: Let me show you. Sphere comes through. (He points his sonic screwdriver at her glass wall. It cracks.) DOCTOR: But when it made the hole, it cracked the world around it. Theentire surface of this dimension splintered. And that's how the ghostsget through. That's how they get everywhere. They're bleeding throughthe fault lines. Walking from their world, across the Void, and intoyours, with the human race hoping and wishing and helping them along.But too many ghosts, and (He taps the glass and it shatters.) YVONNE: Well, in that case we'll have to be more careful. Positions!Ghost Shift in one minute. DOCTOR: Miss Hartman, I am asking you, please don't do it. YVONNE: We have done this a thousand times. DOCTOR: Then stop at a thousand! YVONNE: We're in control of the ghosts. The levers can open the breach,but equally they can close it. DOCTOR: Okay. (The Doctor goes back into her office and fetches a chair to sit on.) YVONNE: Sorry? DOCTOR: Never mind. As you were. YVONNE: What, is that it? DOCTOR: No, fair enough. Said my bit. Don't mind me. Any chance of acup of tea? ADEOLA: Ghost Shift in twenty seconds. DOCTOR: Mmm, can't wait to see it. YVONNE You can't stop us, Doctor. DOCTOR: No, absolutely not. Pull up a chair, Rose. Come and watch thefireworks. ADEOLA: Ghost Shift in ten seconds. Nine, eight, seven, six, five,four, three, two YVONNE: Stop the shift. I said stop. DOCTOR: Thank you. YVONNE: I suppose it makes sense to get as much intelligence aspossible. But the programme will recommence, as soon as you'veexplained everything. DOCTOR: I'm glad to be of help. YVONNE: And someone clear up this glass. They did warn me, Doctor. Theysaid you like to make a mess. (Matt is at his computer, wearing two earpieces. Now there are threebusily typing. Rose follows another scientist along a corridor to a sign sayingTorchwood Institute, Reception, Lever Room, Maintenance. She kisses thepsychic paper then puts it against the entry reader for the door thescientist has just gone through.)

"Seven Twenty Three" offers some narrative experimentation, in that we see flashes from Don's, Betty's, and Peggy's lives that end up occurring later in the episode. It doesn't really pay off. But the events of the episode are important enough, with Conrad Hilton (Chelcie Ross) offering Don his New York hotels as a client, Betty coming up with an excuse to call and later meet with Henry, Don getting into a dangerous situation with hitchhikers who mug him, and Peggy pushing Don too far in this episode. It's not unreasonable for her to ask to work on the Hilton account, but if she's going to always ask him for things, eventually he's going to take his misery out on her. And he does. Under pressure from the company to sign a three-year contract, he snaps: "You were my secretary. And now you have an office and a job that a lot of full-grown men would kill for. Every time I turn around, you've got your hand in my pocket. You want a raise; you want this account. Put your nose down and pay attention to your work. Because there's not one thing that you've done here that I couldn't live without." Moss tears up just the right amount here. And it drives her into Duck's bed.

In this Election Day episode, there are two clashes, both of which are close calls. Nixon and Kennedy fight it out, with the corpses of Chicago putting Kennedy over the top. And Pete and Don finally get all of their animosity out in the open, with Bert adjudicating after Pete comes to him and tells him Don is actually a man named Dick Whitman. Pete wants to be head of account services (Duck is about to get the job), and he is sure that Bert will side with him and fire Don. But after Don calls Pete's bluff, Bert's reaction is shocking: "Mr. Campbell, who cares?" he asks. Pete, stunned, responds, "What?" Bert asks again: "Who cares?" Given the election, Bert is in a world-building, yet practical mood, and he is betting on Don. "This country was built by men with worse stories than whatever you've imagined here," he tells Pete. 041b061a72

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