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in july 2017, the monetary authority of singapore (mas) began an investigation into the worlds first known ransomware attack targeting the local financial system. this malware was malware evolved from the cryptolocker ransomware, which was originally distributed via drive-by-downloads. in the case of mas, the attack was not announced in advance and was therefore unique. the group behind the attack used social engineering to gain access to an employees computer, and then installed the ransomware onto the machine. at around 6pm on july 23, mas computer network was interrupted. the ransomware displayed a message reading, please pay 5.69 million dollars within 10 days to save your data. after payment, you will be able to access the files again. the malware demanded that users pay 300,000 sar for a decryption key that would return files to their original state. mas canceled all online bill payments, and encouraged its online users to close their web browsers, to avoid infection with the malware. according to the monetary authority of singapore, the ransom money was not paid. the website and emails recovered from the attack remained untouched and were not compromised.

HD Online Player (united bank of india kyc form pdf do)

in april 2016, hacker iceman attempted to rob a wells fargo bank in new jersey. iceman attacked a bank server that hosts application programming interfaces (apis) for mobile apps. it is supposed to provide an interface between a website and mobile apps to allow them to exchange information. a login to the server was left open so that anyone with knowledge of the mobile app could access it, thus granting access to bank credentials. iceman made numerous unsuccessful attempts to log in, but access to the account was eventually granted. iceman then used the access to steal approximately $1.4 million from the accounts.

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