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Ilya Efimov Bass Torrent: The Ultimate Guitar and Bass Library for Kontakt

ilya efimov acoustic bass guitar. a variety of different techniques are included, the acoustic touch, finger pick, thumb and slap. we recorded 12 dynamic layers for each fret of each string with a variety of playing techniques and articulations.the only patch combines the performance of his fingers, a pick, and slap. in addition to the remaining methods of execution, the patch contains other articulations such as hammer-on, pull-off, flageolet, blank sheet music, a slide-ups, slides from any note to another along the string, a set of ready glissando effects.

Ilya Efimov Bass Torrent

  • modern bass is a perfect recreation of the sound of the fender jazz bass for the modern world. modern bass is a perfect recreation of the sound of the fender jazz bass for the modern world. it is a full-scale guitar including neck pickup, electronics, dynamics, and a complete set of articulations. modern bass is a collection of a wide variety of bass guitars, with all the details taken into account - all the details that make up the sound of the instrument. all the changes from one model to the other are included and very detailed. modern bass also features the following: 24 articulations: slap, muffling, bottleneck, mute, tremolo, choke, reverse, swell, solo, etc.

  • 4 layers of sound: clean, muted, distorted and overdrive.

  • 16 amp models: 12 amp models and 4 preamp models.

  • adjustable reverb, chorus, flanger, delay and wah.

  • 8 different effects: reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, wah, etc.

  • 12 keyswitches: swing, legato, portamento, etc.

  • 4 different octaves: low, middle, high and extra-high.

  • 8 chord selections: 5 chord formats: major, minor, diminished, augmented, 7th chords (all the possible chord types) and open chords. each one of them includes a bass chord (e, a, d, g, c, f, e, g7, am, bm, c7, fm, gm7, bb, eb7, ab, dm7, em7, etc).

  • complex sampling formats: 24bit.wav,.aiff, 24bit.aac and.mp3 formats.

  • fully control of the articulations, keyswitches and effects.

  • customizable and user-friendly arpeggiator.

  • it works in xfer records for ableton live or any other daw that supports vst plugins.

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