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Stupid In Love - Rihanna ^NEW^

In an interview for MTV News, co-writer of "Stupid in Love" Ne-Yo, who had collaborated with Rihanna on her previous albums A Girl like Me (2006) and Good Girl Gone Bad (2007), clarified that he would not write a song for Rihanna with regard to Brown as he found it unnecessary and because of his friendship with Brown.[9] Producer Chuck Harmony concurred with Ne-Yo's statement, saying that no matter what song Rihanna released as the lead single people would immediately think that the song is about Brown.[10] In an interview with USA Today, Ne-Yo later revealed that the song was written two days before Rihanna and Brown's altercation, citing it as "a premonition."[1] In an interview with Sway Calloway for MTV News at Rated R's preview in New York City, Rihanna stated that the album represented her honesty and vulnerbility.[11] During the preview, Calloway noted that "Stupid in Love" was the song most likely to receive comparisons to Brown, with emphasis on the lyric "I still love you, but I can't do this/ I may be dumb but I'm not stupid."[11]

Stupid In Love - Rihanna

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"Stupid in Love" is a R&B[2][12] power ballad[2][13] which lasts for 4:01 (four minutes, one second).[14] Instrumentation is provided by finger snapping,[15] minor piano keys[13][16] and piano riffs, a style of repeated chord progression.[2] The lyrics of "Stupid in Love" revolve around a woman in an abusive and adulterous relationship, progressing to the female protagonist leaving her boyfriend.[2][13] The song begins with the line "Let me tell you somethin' / Never / Have I ever / Been a size 10 in my whole life."[2] Rihanna sings the line "This is stupid / I'm not stupid / Don't talk to me / Like I'm stupid" during the chorus.[2] The bridge consists of Rihanna singing "Trying to make this work / but you act like a jerk."[16] As noted by Rob Harvilla of The Village Voice, the bridge represents the moment when Rihanna realizes that it is not worth her while to stay in the relationship, writing "the dunce cap is off".[2] "Stupid in Love" contains a lyrical metaphor, "Blood on your hands."[1]

"I hope to see women thriving and happy, loving what they're doing, and being in control and powerful of what they create," she explained. "As much as we all love the fashion and the makeup and glamour, this isn't a beauty pageant. It's about the heart and the drive and the work."

Pop's unexpected nature is what makes it so beloved, especially in 2022 as artists showcased just how far their versatility can stretch. TikTok showed off its influence once again, with songs like Nicki Minaj's "Super Freaky Girl" birthing endless viral dance challenges. There was plenty of dancing outside of TikTok as well, as artists like Drake, The Weeknd and Beyoncé had everyone grooving under the disco ball.

Despite being one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Ed Sheeran has maintained the humble spirit that made him so beloved. The British singer/songwriter has always shown a love for collaboration, even releasing a guest-filled project in 2019. But in 2022, Sheeran put collaborations into overdrive. 041b061a72

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